Wadsworth/Rittman Area New Studio

PHYSIQUE KINETICS now offers private Pilates training sessions at its second studio located in the Wadsworth-Rittman Ohio area. Equipment at second location includes Reformer, Trapeze Table, and Chair. By appointment only. Contact us via email for inquiry to scheduling appointments Weekdays M,T,TH,F between 3:00-6:00pm W between 7:00am-12:00pm.

PK client Sandy C. of Wadsworth with PK assistant “Thelma”

Physique Kinetics COVID-19 Statement

During the current pandemic of Coronavirus (COVID-19), PHYSIQUE KINETICS’ number one priority is the health and safety of its clients. The private one-to-one Pilates studio follows strict sanitary practices of all equipment and supporting facility uses. To ensure the health and safety of all clients, the studio – including all fitness equipment – is sanitized with appropriate industrial disinfectants BEFORE any client sessions, AFTER each client session, and also at the end of all training sessions of the day.

Hand sanitizer is provided for the convenience of clients. Trainer wears a face mask and plastic gloves during training sessions. Distancing is practiced in the studio as much as possible and where appropriate. Fifteen minute breaks are scheduled between sessions to reduce interaction between visitors and to provide time for sanitation. No other visitors are permitted to enter studio during client sessions.

Clients are required upon arrival to the studio to remove and place shoes in provided shoe rack. Afterward, clients must immediately wash their hands at provided wash station. Clients are asked to bring nothing into the studio except purses, wallets and keys. Clients must wear clean socks during sessions – no bare feet. Clients are encouraged to wear a face mask but it is not mandated.

PHYSIQUE KINETICS is committed to providing a studio environment of the highest sanitation for its clients to promote confidence, security, and reliability of services. For more information about our COVID-19 practices please phone us or complete the contact form.

What is unique about Pilates?

What is unique about the Pilates exercise system?

Pilates is a unique total body training system that not only focuses on the development of the physical body, but also focuses on the development of the mind-body connection of the individual. Pilates is designed to promote the advancement of balance, control, strength, flexibility, and fluidity within the entire body. BALANCE of all muscles is the focus. Continue reading “What is unique about Pilates?”

About Certified Pilates Instructor Kelli Sanford

PHYSIQUE KINETICS LLC was established in June 2015 by Owner and Certified Pilates Instructor Kelli Sanford. Ms. Sanford offers professional instruction that corresponds to each client’s physical needs and goals. Ms. Sanford received her training from Body Technic Systems, Inc. and her training approach is based on traditional Pilates method Continue reading “About Certified Pilates Instructor Kelli Sanford”