Hear what PHYSIQUE KINETICS clients are saying about their Pilates training experience with Kelli Sanford:

When my regular masseuse recommended Pilates in order to develop my core and save my spine, Kelli Sanford had just opened her studio in Hudson. After meeting with Kelli, learning her background, including her education from Case, and the level of understanding of Pilates we devised a plan that has strengthened my whole body using the mats, the Reformer and, the dreaded “box”. Knowing every bone and muscle group Kelli has explained to me how they work together, or not. How to manage the physiological system we have and care for it lifelong. I’m a true believer…and a fan of Physique Kinetics.” ~ Charlie (Hudson, OH)

Turning 60 I realized how many blessings I had but also how many challenges I had. Workout classes with strength training / resistance along with aerobics proved to be very challenging for me on my 60 year old body. I could always keep up at a slower pace but needed modifications.
After doing Pilates for only six weeks with Kelli I felt like a new person!!! My feet took on a transformation that even a podiatrist validated, I could actually wear my heeled shoes and boots without foot pain or back pain!!!!!
I could never do yoga due to the up and down movements as I would feel dizzy and off centered for a while, an inner ear ailment that I have lived with my entire life. Again Kelli has me doing many moves that I would never have imagined to be able to do. Her education in anatomy and experience in dance /Pilates allows her clients to have total faith and trust in her teaching.
Kelli is a people person and always makes me feel like I am achieving the goals she has set for me, again this word….she CHALLENGES us in our strength and in our endurance to want to continue to get stronger and healthier in each and every session. I feel very blessed to be doing this program with such a kind and professional person.” ~ Carol (Hudson)


It was recommended by a neighbor that I try Pilates with Kelli Sanford at Physique Kinetics. I was looking for a form of exercise that was gentle on the joints yet had the ability to help strengthen my body. I have rheumatoid arthritis, which is a chronic disease in which inflammation of the joints (and other parts of the body) leads to long term damage that may result in chronic pain, disability and loss of function.
Dealing with exercise and an auto immune disease requires a professional well versed in the body, its mechanics and functions. Kelli has all of the above! Pilates with Kelli has kept me healthy physically and mentally. There are days where some joints just aren’t working as well and due to her knowledge/ education, Kelly can modify exercises to avoid any more distress on the joints.
Pilates keeps my body from becoming too stiff, keeps my muscles strong, it improves my ability to do daily activities, it gives me more energy, provides an outlet for stress and tension, and it allows me to have a sense of well-being. Communication, motivation and camaraderie complete my exercise plan and keeps me coming back. Move it or lose it!” ~ Margaret (Hudson OH)

Signing on for Pilates with Kelli was one of the best things I’ve done for myself. I can’t believe how fast I am seeing results! “Kelli’s knowledge of functional movement and fitness is amazing – she explains everything clearly and in-depth so you understand why and how the exercises work. And it’s fun to-boot! Highly recommend her classes.” ~ Karen (Copley, OH)


After just two months of weekly Pilates training with Kelli, I already feel stronger and healthier! Strength and flexibility are so important as we age, preventing injury and enhancing overall fitness. With Kelli I know I’m getting expert training; she is thoroughly knowledgeable and I trust her completely when she introduces a new move and encourages me to “welcome the challenge.” I feel so good when I leave our weekly class, I’m always surprised the hour is over so soon!” ~ Brenda (Tallmadge, OH)

I found myself at the start of the New Year hurting. A lot. My hips. My feet. My back. My neck. I was working out 3-4 days a week with a personal trainer. Hard workouts. I kept pushing myself and trying to work through the pain. I was landing in Dr. Dayna Nevar’s office weekly for an adjustment. She suggested that I change up my workouts. I needed to be kinder and gentler to my 51 year old body. Yoga? Pilates? Pilates????? OK!
My friend Charlie had been working with Kelli for quite some time and was raving about her and how much better he felt. I contacted Kelli and we had a nice chat about what I was looking for and made an appointment. You know that feeling when you meet someone for the first time and know that you landed in the right place? That is how I felt about Kelli. She was professional and SO knowledgeable about the human body.  I was hooked!
Physique Kinetics studio has become my happy place. It has been so good for my anxiety. My brain is working more efficiently. The strength that I am building is noticeable weekly. It has helped me transition back to working out twice a week pain-free, and my trainer is having a hard time denying that Pilates saved me from bailing on him altogether. I am no longer having to see my Chiropractor weekly (I do miss her). I am building core strength for the very first time in my life! My hiking and biking is so much stronger. I just got back from NYC and for the very first time I did not have hip/back/feet pain after hours of walking the concrete jungle. I know why. Kelli and Pilates.” ~ Sally (Hudson, OH)

I love Pilates and I love Kelli! 😄 Training with Kelli in Pilates has become a huge asset to me in my pursuit of attaining my fitness/athletic goals. She is exactly what I was missing in my regimen. She is extremely knowledgeable and totally 100% dedicated to seeing you, as her client, succeed no matter your age. She will push and challenge you, she will be completely honest with you and she will not sugar coat anything. That being said, she does all of this in a positive and encouraging manner. She is just what a trainer should be. I am so thankful for her and her drive to help others. She is awesome!”  ~  Kristen Mulligan Exposito


I began Pilates with Kelli about 8 weeks ago. I have been very impressed with Kelli as an instructor. I appreciate how methodically she begins with the basics, demands perfection, and builds on each session, making each session more interesting and challenging as you go along. She has a vast knowledge of physiology, which allows her to tailor a program to suit each client’s particular needs. As efficient as each personal session is, it is encouraging to see results in a relatively short amount of time. You can tell that Kelli loves her job. Her upbeat personality and encouraging nature makes each session fun. The hour flies by.” ~ Jill Phipps (July 2019)


My daughter Rosalynn has scoliosis and started experiencing back pain late last summer. At first it was only during dance and strenuous activity, but it progressed to causing pain even during ordinary school activities. Her orthopedic doctor and regular physical therapist were unable to find a specific cause for her pain and regular therapy sessions were seeing little improvement. I contacted Kelli and she has been able to help Rosalynn with her core strength and find better alignment despite her scoliosis. She is able to enjoy her normal activities now and is no longer in pain.” ~ Shauna/Roslynn McCluskey (Feb 2020)