About Certified Pilates Instructor Kelli Sanford

PHYSIQUE KINETICS LLC was established in June 2015 by Owner and Certified Pilates Instructor Kelli Sanford. Ms. Sanford offers professional instruction that corresponds to each client’s physical needs and goals. Ms. Sanford received her training from Body Technic Systems, Inc. and her training approach is based on traditional Pilates method exercises. Her training method is straightforward, logical, invigorating, and focuses on precision in performing each movement. Ms. Sanford’s philosophy is about encouraging and developing each client’s physical and mental balance in strength, flexibility, endurance, and focus that will produce optimal range of motion, muscular strength of the physical body, and development of self-confidence. Ms. Sanford encourages her clients to remember “You only have one body,” so take pride, and enjoyment of challenging one’s body to reach its full potential.

Ms. Sanford is a competitive Bikini and Figure bodybuilder. She won the OVERALL MASTERS WOMENS FIGURE CHAMPION Title in the National Physique Committee (NPC) Natural Ohio Bodybuilding Championship March 2015 in Lakewood, OH. Most recently Ms. Sanford won the title of OVERALL BIKINI CHAMPION in the Natural Muscle Association’s (NMA) Great Lakes Natural Bodybuilding Championships on April 22, 2017 in Erie, PA earning her official PRO-CARD STATUS in the NMA. Ms. Sanford also won the OVERALL BIKINI CHAMPION, MOST FIT WOMAN AWARD, and 1ST PLACE OPEN FIGURE, in the National Gym Association’s (NGA) Rocky’s NEO Pro/Am Natural Bodybuilding Competition in Columbiana, OH, earning her PRO-CARD STATUS in both Bikini and Figure.

Ms. Sanford is the Artistic Director & Founder of RED Company real.edge.dance, a nonprofit professional modern dance company and the founder of the RED School of Modern Dance. She was the recipient of the “2016 Akron Arts Alive Award for Outstanding Artist in Dance.” Ms. Sanford holds a Master of Fine Arts in Contemporary Dance from Case Western Reserve University and a Bachelor of Arts in Dance from The University of Akron. She has over 30 years of dance experience with professional performing credits both nationally and internationally having performed in Chicago, Cleveland, Philadelphia, San Diego, Detroit, and Vienna, Austria.

Her combination of bodybuilding, dance training/experience, and her education of which included anatomy, kinesiology, dance wellness, and training at Body Technic Systems Inc. has given Ms. Sanford a unique knowledge base of how the human body functions, expresses movement, recovers from injury, and can be developed and cultivated into a body of functional fitness, strength, and beauty in women and men of all ages and abilities.

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