What is unique about Pilates?

What is unique about the Pilates exercise system?

Pilates is a unique total body training system that not only focuses on the development of the physical body, but also focuses on the development of the mind-body connection of the individual. Pilates is designed to promote the advancement of balance, control, strength, flexibility, and fluidity within the entire body. BALANCE of all muscles is the focus. Pilates strengthens one’s kinesthetic sense, meaning that one becomes more focused internally about how one is intentionally moving one’s body. This mind-body relationship is what makes Pilates a healthy fitness plan for everyone. As an individual progresses from beginner to advanced levels of Pilates exercises, they will have a constantly evolving fitness experience during every training session due to the variety of exercises that can be performed on the Pilates apparatuses: reformer, trapeze table, chair, ladder barrel, spine corrector, and mat.

Pilates is a logical progression of exercises that build upon each other to strengthen the body’s core and limbs. The focus begins with the core (spine/abdominal/pelvis) alignment, and this is the number one important element of Pilates, for the core is where all the extremities (arms/legs) connect into and branches out from within the body. The development of a strong core results in strong and stable extremities, better posture, and aids in preventing injury. Pilates is an exercise system that can serve as not only a daily fitness regimen but also serve as injury rehabilitation and much more. Pilates training is an accessible physical fitness plan for individuals of all backgrounds and ages.

Brief history of Joseph Pilates the original founder of the Pilates Method

Joseph Pilates was born in Germany in 1880, and as a child he suffered from multiple illnesses such as asthma, rickets, and rheumatic fever. These physical struggles while growing up led Joseph later on in life to the exploration and development of his Pilates Exercise System. He was a dedicated body builder, athlete, and boxer and wanted to design exercises that would promote physical health and mental health simultaneously. Joseph originally named his Pilates method as “Contrology” meaning the complete mastering of the mind, body, and spirit working together as one. Pilates is a method of coordination of the body. To achieve body control, Joseph stemmed his foundation of exercises on mental discipline and focus to find total body awareness and function. Pilates exercises are ‘mindful’ movement and not ‘mindless’ movement.