What is Pilates?

Pilates is a unique total body training system for functional fitness that not only focuses on the development of the physical body, but also focuses on the development of the mind-body connection of the individual. Pilates is designed to promote the advancement of balance, control, strength, flexibility, and fluidity within the entire body. Pilates utilizes a logical progression of exercises that build upon each other to strengthen the body’s core and limbs. Pilates is in some ways similar to Yoga but with more focus on strengthening and alignment.

The apparatuses used for PILATES TRAINING are:

Reformer  |  Chair  |  Trapeze Table  |  Ladder Barrel  |  Spine Corrector

These devices are to assist the Pilates student to correctly perform the exercises and achieve progressive results. Pilates is also practiced without apparatuses, known as PILATES MAT TRAINING, on the floor with a foam yoga-style mat and simple aids such as stretch bands.

Pilates may seem intimidating at first but it is a FUN way to work out and get in shape!  Pilates is great, low impact exercise, especially for older people looking to restore proper body flexibility and functional movement for daily activities, as well as reduce pain and stiffness associated with aging.  More info about PILATES.

Derek R. USMC (March 2023)