Physique Kinetics Health Statement

PHYSIQUE KINETICS’ number one priority is the health and safety of its clients. The private one-to-one Pilates studio follows strict sanitary practices of all equipment and supporting facility uses. To ensure the health and safety of all clients, the studio – including all fitness equipment – is sanitized with appropriate industrial disinfectants BEFORE any client sessions, AFTER each client session, and also at the end of all training sessions of the day.

Hand sanitizer is provided for the convenience of clients.

Clients are required upon arrival to the studio to remove and place shoes in provided shoe rack. Clients are asked to wash their hands at provided wash station. Clients are asked to bring nothing into the studio except purses, wallets and keys. Clients must wear clean socks during sessions – no bare feet. During cold/flu season if clients feel symptomatic they are encouraged to contact instructor of either canceling session or reschedule when they feel better.

PHYSIQUE KINETICS is committed to providing a studio environment of the highest sanitation for its clients to promote confidence, security, and reliability of services.